Kingkar 23000 hho generator for Combustion supporting

Basalt Sand Production Plant
Production Capacity:
1. Cutting metals by oxygen flame 2. Gas welding and flame spray painting 3. Thermal processing of jewelry, especially good for platinum as oxy-hydrogen flame contains no carbon 4. Fine cutting, fusion, repair and local thermal processing of delicate metal parts.



1. Cutting metals by oxygen flame 
2. Gas welding and flame spray painting 
3. Thermal processing of jewelry, especially good for platinum as oxy-hydrogen flame contains no carbon 
4. Fine cutting, fusion, repair and local thermal processing of delicate metal parts. 
5. Direct fusion of fine copper wire and enameled wire 
6. Removals of carbon deposit in the combustion chamber of internal combustion engine such as cars 
7. LED chip integration 
8. The thermal processing of glass and quartz glass 
9. Surface polishing of organic glass 
10. Computer wire peeling 
11. Burn with other fuels together for boilers, cooking stoves, melting metals.



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