HHO gas Ampoule Sealing Machine KINGKAR19000

Basalt Sand Production Plant
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Ampoule filling and sealing machine Latest best sell 1. Clean & Green 2. Efficient & Professional 3. Safety & Convenience


Ampoule filling and sealing machine Latest best sell 
1. Clean & Green 
2. Efficient & Professional 
3. Safety & Convenience 


Why Choose our Oxyhydrogen Flame  Ampoule filling sealing machine?
Oxyhydrogen gas generator used in ampoule filling and sealing machine can replace the "LPG (gas) + oxygen" as a clean, safe gas production equipment.it has following advantages:
(1), Reduce gas production cost
(2), Clean working environment
(3), Eliminate safety hazards of workshop
(4), Reduce operators' intensity.


380  ±10%,50/60Hz,three phase
Rated capacity(KVA)
Working pressure(Mpa)
Relative humidity(%)
Water consumption(L/H)
Cooling way
Air cooling
Insulation class
power protection grade
Flame temperature(T)
800-3200 adjustable
Working medium
Filtered water or deionized water or soft water
Working continuous
environment temperature(T)


What is the Using Conditions of our Oxy Hydrogen Generator?
The machine can be used in various types of ampoule filling and sealing machine(needle numbers from 1-12, bottle types from 1-20 ml). you don't need to remould based on your original setting. 
What is the Using Method of Oxyhydrogen Flame Ampoule Sealing?
Selection of oxyhydrogen gas generator and its auxiliary equipment.Oxyhydrogen Generator produces brown gas(2H2+O2) delivered to gas terminals, deployment, and install on the fire nozzle,then light the gas. There are regulator filters, fire safety equipment and solenoid valves inside the pipe.
What is the Oxy Hydrogen Generator Advantages?
(1) Clean and Green
Brown gas burns to become clean water again, it's no pollution,odorless, non-carbide, without any toxic or hazardous substances and the working environment will be clean. Compared with other traditional gases, Brown gas burns without producing COx, SOx and other harmful substances. 
(2) Efficient
Oxy-hydrogen generator produces brown gas, and ready for use anytime. This machine eliminate the traditional gas storage, transportation, handling and other processes! The sealing pass rate is up to 98% and improve production efficiency!
(3) Professional
Multiple fire safety design of the sealing plate and fire mouth, drawing not tempered, stable sealing quality.
(4) Economy
Use only water and electricity, eliminating the need for special funds to build gas stations and storage of gas. the brown gas is cost-saving and burning a high calorific value, only one year to recover the investment in the pharmaceutical industry.
(5) Safety
Oxy-hydrogen gas generator produces gas promptly, there's no need to store gas,so gas safety risk will not happen. Brown gas (2H2+O2) output has a safety seal anti-tempering device to solve the tempered harm.
(6) Convenience
Machines are easy to move. The transmission of brown gas just need a pipeline without additional oxygen pipe, and the pipe inside can be kept clean, more in line with GMP requirements. When in use, you just need to press the start button,then it can work automatically.

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